Survey Corps Hooded Cloak Blanket

Product Details

  • Small: 59" x 28" (150 cm x 70 cm)
  • Medium : 65" x 39" (165 cm x 100 cm)
  • Large : 65" x 47" (165 cm x 120 cm)
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Material: Cotton, Polyester

      The Ultimate Cozy Companion For An Unbeatable Anime Viewing Experience

      These hooded cloak blankets have got you covered - literally. They're absolutely enormous and perfect for covering your entire couch, bed, or wherever you watch your favorite shows. Heck, they're so cozy that you can go out in the middle of winter and brave any snowstorm headed your way.

      Where Ever You Go, It Goes

      Ever walk around your house with your blanket wrapped around you? Yup, we've all been there. Well, what if we told you that you can do that now, in high anime fashion, without dragging the blanket across the dirty floor? These hooded cloak blankets will keep you warm during your in-house voyages. From the kitchen to the living room, the cloak will keep you cozily wrapped in the softest plush cotton - guaranteed.

      New & Unique Designs: Get It Before Your Friends Do!

      With a design that will put a smile on your face every time you wear it, how can you not share a picture to show your friends and your followers! Everyone's going to LOVE this. Friends will be talking about it for days, all asking you the same thing: "Where did you get the gear!" Grab yours today before they do!

      Freedom From Unsafe, Unclean Products

      At OrangeBison, we pride ourselves on our dedication to giving customers the best quality products out there in the market. We always strive to bring you the best and while doing so, we keep in mind your health and your safety. All of our products are made in sanitary conditions with the safest materials.

      Get the Survey Corps Hooded Cloak Blanket today! You're going to love it and so will everyone in your circle!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How long does shipping take?

      Your clothes are created upon order receipt so you can enjoy an up-to-date product line as we improve the quality of materials. Because of this, products typically take about 2-3 weeks (not including the processing time)

      Is this product machine washable?

      Yes! Throw it in the wash whenever it gets dirty!

       30 Day Guarantee

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      We get it, buying online is a daunting task in itself and is filled with doubt - Can I trust this company? Will this product be as advertised?  This is why we offer our risk-free 30-day guarantee so you can try it out and return it if you don't like it. No hard feelings :)

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