Wade Mens Compression Shirt (Short Sleeve)

Product Details

  • Water resistant threading so you can avoid chaffing and rashes
  • Muscle compression keeps muscles warmed up in between sets and prevents muscle strain
  • Fit: Tight (Please refer to the side guide at the bottom of the description)
  • Material: Spandex

      Head Nods Guaranteed

      Everyone's favorite anti-hero! Well, now you can rep your favorite movie and superhero with this compression top. Instant social approval guaranteed.

      Side Effects Include Superpowers

      Props to you for consistently hitting the gym and pumping iron. Your dedication to living a fit, healthy lifestyle will only be enhanced with our compression top. Wick away any sweat from your water-resistant top so you can avoid chafing and rashes.

      Prevent Muscle Strains

      The compression top keeps your muscles warm even when you're taking a break in between your sets. This means that when your muscles are reactivated, they will already be warmed up! Protect yourself from injury and keep your muscles healthy. 

      (Nerdy) Chick Magnet

      You see someone who can be your next potential girlfriend, but in a crowded gym overloaded with testosterone, how are you going to stand out from the crowd (and start getting heads turning your way)?

      Rep Deadpool wherever you go, people are gonna love it and hey, so will the girls at the gym!

      Size Chart 

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How long does shipping take?

      Your clothes are created upon order receipt so you can enjoy an up-to-date product line as we improve the quality of materials. Because of this, products typically take about 2-3 weeks (not including the processing time)

      Is this product machine washable?

      Yes! Throw it in the wash after your workouts!

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